Monday, January 12, 2009

Pie of the Week

Ok, it's the 2nd pie of the week, but I made the mistake of making a pie on Saturday and then Max's friends came over and ate the whole thing, straight from the pan. We only got one small slice each. That pumpkin pie was delicious. Goodbye Libby's back of the can recipe, hello sour cream.

It is summer in Chile and blueberries are 99 cents, hence the blueberry pie with pecan streusel topping. Also, key ingredient - sour cream. This is the key to success, so listen up -- for a no-fail pie choose a recipe with sour cream. Seriously, just do it. Do it. Just do it. Not listening? Then you will not know how good it can get. You will be pie ignorant.
Funny, the photo looks like a pizza.

I still haven't got the crust looking pretty, but this one is a little better than the last. Some parts look good and other parts just dissolved into retardedness. It goes in the oven looking perfect, but gets all thin and ugly coming out. I know it looks a little burnt, but that happened later after the crust already proved it was going to be stupid looking, as this is a bake the crust first, then add the filling and bake again kind of pie. I could have covered the crust to prevent it from burning, but honestly, I like it a little crunchy. I will cover the crust with foil next time at the first baking, as that's the only trick left in the book I haven't tried. If it doesn't work I might have to make cookies, which Max has requested. Stupid kid doesn't understand obsession.


esquared said...

Yes Pe Can!

Dan said...


Shana said...

Don't they sell those little foil-y things to go around your pie? It's like durable aluminum foil.

That is funny about Angela and I - maybe YOU are not my real sister after all!

Hope you are having a good week!