Saturday, January 25, 2014

Some Husband Photos

The husband takes millions of photos and can spend hours showing them to people from his camera. He doesn't post them or print them, but if you've ever met him, he has definitely whipped out the camera and made you look at photos on the tiny screen.

Every year or so I back up his photos, and sort through the thousands of photos of the Empire State Building, rooftops and graffiti and see the world through his eyes.

Herewith some excellent examples of what is going on inside that handsome head.


Saturday, January 18, 2014


First, Stand Up MRI is actually performed sitting down. And while it's not enclosed like a traditional MRI, the torture is doled out in another, more insidious manner. As you are made to sit still for half an hour, your eyes cannot move from the giant TV where you are not asked if you would like to watch the last half of How I Met Your Mother and the first half of XMen. As an added bonus, a TV in the dressing room (yes, weird unto itself) plays the first 20 seconds of theme to Cheers in an endless loop.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Nostalgia Train

Finally I got my ass out of the house and made it onto the nostalgia train. I remember knowing a couple of kids in high school who were train geeks and I thought they were complete idiots for caring about things like old trains, old token collections and the history of the subway. I see they were ahead of their time, or else I was just a jerk who couldn't appreciate a thing.

I especially like that it's a train to Forest Hills (even though this particular nostalgia route only goes until Queens Plaza).

The train we were on was, I think, from the 1930's but the MTA website isn't clear. People dressed up in flapper era costumes, and there were a pair of Navy people on our car. The MTA on-board staff was excited and friendly and it's likely the only time I've ever seen them talk to people and seem human rather than miserable.