Monday, January 12, 2009

Ireland on 11th

On Sunday nights at The 11th Street Bar you will find a bevy of musicians playing Irish tunes. Well, one tune. The tune never changes (at least to my ears) but it is fun to watch and as always, live music improves the vibe of even a fleabag bar.

This is not a fleabag bar, though. It's rather spacious and woody inside, with lots of TVs including one bigger than life (the Golden Globes were on and those starlets were GIANT), and a crowd that is not made up wholly of NYU students.

At around 9:30 there was a bagpipes and guitar player (it's not really bagpipes, Steven said it is called something else that sounds differently than it is spelled and I don't remember it) and within the hour there was a drummer, a couple of violinists (fiddlers?) and a tiny accordion thingy (squeeze box?) player making sweet Irish music. The selection of beers made my choice of vodka regrettable, especially because it was a little skimpy on the vodka (to be polite about it), so I would highly recommend not straying from the beers, and end the weekend on a charming musical note.

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Ken Mac said...

pies irish music, local critiques...I like your blog!