Monday, December 01, 2008

Four Corners Update

The dead spot of 12th Street and Ave A shows little progress since I last posted in July, and what we will be getting isn't worth the wait.

Northwest: construction permits say it will be a coffee shop. Thanks, the thousand coffee shops (including one tea shop) in a one block radius just isn't enough. When you need to go out to type in public, the East Village is the place to be.

Let's see if I can name the competition:
Ciao for Now
B Cup
There's a coffee shop on Ave B & 11th St but I don't know the name
There is another one on Ave A around 13th St with books in the window but I don't know the name unless it's Gramstand and then I'm wrong.

Southwest: Poppy's deli is incredibly lame. The wonder bread selection just doesn't do it for me.
Southeast: the new Chico mural indicates an overpriced hamburger joint will be opening.
Northeast: the rabid construction of the building that had the suspicious fire that resulted in the removal of many rent regulated tenants has abated with the cold weather. The tarps on the roof make incredible noise when the wind blows. I am watching out for another illegal story, just like the building next door to this one who surreptitiously put up another floor when nobody was paying attention. It can't be seen from the street but you can kind of see the little bump in this photo of the white wall (on top of the building with the yellow front), which is the slant going upward of the illegal (I believe illegal) addition.

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. You're funny :).

I live on this corner...for a long time now. I can see the building that housed the Raven from my windows. I don't think they are adding a floor, but they put a shed on the roof...elevator? I don't know.

Poppy's isn't great, but the people who run it are really cool and have been in the deli business a long time. To me, it's more old-style NY than anything even if their prices aren't exactly cheap. They do great business with delivery guys and school kids during the day, and have a really freakazoid type of clientele after dark sometimes--like East Village Weirdo cubed or something. And now there is that goth-esque place next to it, with space between them for something else. I see promise here, even if it is an Extell, Westbrook, Whoever-Comes-Next building.

And coffee bar! I don't think you missed any..."typing in public" LOL.