Monday, November 10, 2008

New Chico Mural

East 12th Street is now "graced" with a new Chico mural, replacing this one here, advertising the newest addition to East Village eating, which isn't open yet, and which is a testament to how fast Chico is on the case getting new business. He can paint a mural way faster than anybody can cook a hamburger.

While we have received menus tossed about on our stoops and sidewalks, I haven't had the desire to risk back injury to bend over and pick one up. I assume that this will open on the corner of Avenue A where we formerly had The Cock Bar, and before that, well who remembers, it has never been anything interesting or long lasting.

One google search shows that this will be the fourth location of this $10 burger joint that has pretty bad reviews on (the positive reviews sound too much like plants that one must not trust them). Yay, another second rate, overpriced fast food joint. At least it's not frozen yogurt. Or a bar. I am so thankful it's not a bar. Thank you for not being a bar.
Oh yes, and notice the man sleeping next to the sign. He is one of about 3 new regulars to call this sidewalk "home." The depression is here. Let's re-elect Bloomberg now, he will surely get right on this. Maybe he can rent out the empty condos to the homeless. They can give his shoes a spit shine in exchange for a place to sleep indoors.


Anonymous said...

This is at least the 2nd business to occupy the space. the last one never even opened. I think they were going to be a seafood restaurant. Before it was The Cock it was a techno bar called The Lounge, or maybe just Lounge. Probably owned by the same owner, he owns more than a few bars, mostly gay, even though he is straight. Going back even further, this was one of the many drug delis in the neighborhood, that mostly had expired food and dusty drinks. The Raven, which was across the street, was another former drug deli. There were 2 others down the street where Caio For Now used to be as well. This was around 1993 or so.

Anonymous said...

I talked to Chico the day he painted the mural. The owners had painted over his Stop the Violence mural, upsetting the neighbors. Chico went back and talked to them, and they had him put up the Kool Bloo advertising mural. It's really ugly. The restaurant might have engendered more community support if it had just left the Stop the Violence mural alone.

Has anyone else in the neighborhood noticed how long it took for this place to get rolling? Originally, it was going to be an Italian restaurant, but then something happened, and it switched to being a Kool Bloo.

You are right that the space was home to the gay bar The Cock once upon a time. Before that, it was one of those drug delis that barely had any stock because the real purpose was to sell drugs.

Jill said...

Actually it is open, but it doesn't have seating - Take Out only!