Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Four Corners, 6 Months Later

I previously posted about the demise of my corner. Now for an update.

This building is completely gone. You might not notice it behind the scaffolding and the nets, but it is just gone.

Seems like a restaurant will open here, but it has been stalled in this state for what seems like months. They put up tiles with octopus on the exterior, so we think it will be a seafood restaurant, but probably another hookah restaurant because we can never get enough overpriced hummus laced with strawberry tobacco. The side has had some interesting graffiti, but then the Chico mural came. Will it ever open? Who knows. Who cares. A "gourmet" food store. We'll see what that means. More carbs and crappy prepared food I suppose. If there is a fresh fruit or vegetable in sight I will owe somebody a dollar.

A pet store opened in part of the closed shops that formerly housed my tailor Gino, but the corner is still vacant. Milo the printer that was there for many years is now in a very small space in the middle of the block. Luckily their coveted Chico mural lives on.

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