Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Yorker Festival Parts Two and Three

The 2nd and 3rd New Yorker Festival events that I attended this weekend were both about political humor. The panels were wonderfully entertaining and we laughed a lot. Particularly fascinating was Ian Frazier, who is possibly the pre-eminent humorist of our times.

Mark Singer was also interesting, with a hilarious story about the aftermath of publishing a profile on Donald Trump. After it was published, this letter was printed in the New Yorker, prompting Mr. Singer to reply personally to Trump, and adding a check for $38.42 for his trouble. Trump then returned his letter calling him a loser, but did cash the check. Another envious writer then asked Mr. Singer if he could put her in touch with Trump so that she too could be hated by him. Read the whole story here.

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