Sunday, October 05, 2008

Huh? I can't hear you.

Last night, the boy had his 15th birthday party and we weren't invited. I'm still suffering the after affects, which include feeling like a bad parent, worrying about being a bad parent, and partial deafness. (Note here, sometimes he reads this blog, so this is kind of risky writing this, but hopefully he's too stoned to remember. Ha ha that was a joke. Not really. Yes it was.)

He had 5 friends sleep over, and we were banished from 3pm to 1am to give them plenty of time to partake in their nefarious deeds and cook up lies to tell us when we came home. I actually have no way of distinguishing what they really did from what they said they did. I only have clues that include: 5 boys passed out by about 1am, 2 empty boxes of pizza, a lot of dishes in the sink, and the early morning mumblings that I overheard that used the words "can't remember," "crack" and "Scarlett."

While I really don't think they were smoking crack (that is truly unimaginable so let's not imagine it but really these are pretty good kids overall), I don't know what it was they were referring to. That they had some adventures and by morning at least one of them couldn't exactly recall the previous night, is worrisome, to say the least. And the possibility that Scarlett came over and fell asleep in our bathroom for an hour, is just bizarre and a little creepy, if indeed true.

We, on the other hand, had a grand old time staying away from home. We went to see Samantha Bee, Andy Borowitz, Allison Silverman (Colbert Report), James Downey (SNL) and Todd Hanson (The Onion) , talking about the "satiro-industrial complex."

After a quick sushi dinner we rushed to the ironically named Wamu Theater, formerly the Felt Forum, and the place where I graduated high school, to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. We saw them play a few years ago and neither me nor my husband have a specific memory of the show, so we assume it wasn't that compelling. But last night was different. Nick Cave was ON, and they were really fantastic. Going to this show might have broken through my recent Butthole Surfer obsession and allow me to listen to something else with enthusiasm.

However, due to the long day out, I forgot to pack my earplugs, and I am paying for it now. Today we have to repeat everything we say to each other, with the 2nd time being LOUDER. "What?" has become the phrase-du-jour, followed closely by "huh?"

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Larry Slade said...

I have a left ear that rings all the time. Sometimes it rings louder than others. No doubt one day someone will come up with a solution for this. Tons of baby boomers will have hearing problems due to lifestyle choices. The question is, will they be able to afford to buy the solution?