Sunday, October 05, 2008

What can I get for $570?

Two choices.



What is a girl to do?


esquared said...

Choice B, choice B.

Digital cameras tend to go obsolete within the first year. Choice B, on the other hand, maybe out of style in a few months but it always come back; and it doesn't get old, per se, it becomes vintage. And if clothes make man, I always say that shoes make a woman. I looove women in boots. I'll toast to Choice B, also.

hntrnyc said...

choice A. whatever shoes/boots you buy will not give you nearly the amount of mileage that the camera will. but you can buy a lot of camera for half that amount.......just a thought.

Jill said...

No I really researched the camera and the Nikon D80 is totally the way to go, and the B&H price is the best I could find at a reputable camera dealer. It doesn't include the lens though, which really jacks it up to an impossible level, especially when the thought of unemployment looms large.

But the boots are nice... but in reality I would never pay that much for anything that hits the cement a thousand times a day.