Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bus Stump

See that stump in the photo? It is what's left of the bus stop sign for the M8 at Ave A & 10th Street. Is this due to the Con Ed work that has been going on right at this corner for the past 2 weeks, or did a car hit the sign, or did the MTA take it down and not tell anybody? These mysteries and more will likely never be answered.
The M8 bus driver that I've had every day this week doesn't know what happened or whether it is still an actual bus stop. I've been walking over to the 10th St. stop just in case, because it would really suck to have to wait another 15 minutes for the next bus if the driver decides not to stop due to the lack of signage. If I come across a different driver I will be sure to inquire again.

The M8 is an oddball bus because it only comes 4x per hour (3 or even 2 times per hour off peak) but for those of us who head from East Village to West Village it is indispensable, and about 90% on time (within 5 minutes of its scheduled arrival), and sometimes, more often than you might guess, it is EARLY heading eastbound, which is really obnoxious for a bus that comes every 15 minutes.

I have tried more than once to run after this bus when it is ahead of me by about 1/2 block. I cannot catch it, and I've tried for 5 blocks or so. Lesson: if you can see the bus down the street, and it looks close, don't bother, it's an illusion so don't work up the sweat by running. Either take the nice walk cross town, or grab a cab. Unless you are Usain Bolt, then you might be able to make it.

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Quinn said...

Please sign our petition to save the M8 bus! The MTA is tying to eliminate it...

Quinn Raymond