Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gibby 'n Me

Anybody who has had a 10 minute conversation with me in the past year or so is well aware of my obsession with Butthole Surfers. Last night, Gibby Haynes, vocalist and provocateur extraordinaire played a solo set at The Stone. So me and 30 of my new best friends spent an hour watching Mr. Gibby sit on the floor in front of a laptop while it played some interesting riffs and he fiddled with knobs on some kind of mixer. We were also regaled with a stand up routine about his dog's baby momma, among other topics.

The music (not really music, more like a composition of sounds and samples) was engaging and hypnotic, rhythms, noise, synthesizer, some tuneful, some mechanical, some industrial, overlaid with vocal clips from Charles Manson, Muhammad Ali and others that I can't identify. It was unfinished with neither a beginning nor an end, but it seems like it is going somewhere. It fits the term "experimental" which is I suppose what John Zorn is going for in this particular space.

But for me, feeding into my inappropriate crush on Gibby, the highlight was taking my photo with him. As we posed, he held up his crackberry to take a photo of Slim and he said "I love taking a photo of someone taking of photo of someone taking a photo" BUT what I heard was him doing the riff from "John E. Smoke" that goes "the love and the hate and the hate and the love and the love and the love and the hate."

Here it is live...

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