Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bugs in Manhattan

While Bowery Boogie ponders Bugs' memories of a Bowery from days gone by, topped off with a Brooklyn Bridge suicide, we here are remembering that before Bugs was a movie star he came from the east side of Manhattan replete with Automat, clothing drying on lines, Egyptian cigarettes (?) and high rise buildings. Not to mention his ability to outwit a rough gang of Brooklyn dogs.

Amendment to the suicide mentioned above. In fact, the Steve Brody of legend is said to have survived his jump though common wisdom believes it all to have been a hoax.

And one further note to my personal history: the real Steve Brody is buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Woodside, across the street from where I grew up and where my mother, in her youth, climbed up the stone wall, much to my admiration, to retrieve the brand new frisbee I had accidentally thrown up there.

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