Sunday, January 20, 2008

Four Corners

I've mentioned before how depressing it is that everything around us is under construction. Today, the final person on the 3rd floor moved out, so now the entire floor is empty. That is the 11th unit emptied out in our 2 adjacent buildings. They have put sheets in front of the doors, I imagine because it will help keep the dust in when the open the door. Maybe? Who knows.

Southwest: Formerly a newsstand and The Cock (gay bar).

Northeast: Formerly The Raven (a bar) and before that a bodega. The building burned a few months ago. The only good thing to go in that fire was the psychic who had young children running up and down the block yelling and honking horns and blowing whistles at 2am (no that is not an exaggeration, it actually happened, more than once.)

Northwest: Formerly Milo Printing (which moved to a smaller space next door) and Gino the-cheapest-tailor-in-the world (who moved to a nicer space on 14th Street. It may only be nicer because he got rid of the old dusty clothes from the 1970's that nobody ever picked up. He told me that the landlord moved him because he thought he'd get more rent, but these 2 stores have been empty for several months now.) This building also finally installed a buzzer so the days of yelling up and throwing keys down have ended. The exterminator is still there, though. They are pretty friendly and serve most of the buildings in the neighborhood. Boy do those guys have stories! They are also actively involved with helping our garden get rid of the rats. Good luck, it'll never happen.

Southwest: formerly a funeral home and an electrical motor repair shop. It is adjacent to a Catholic church and monastery/nunnery (Salesian Sisiters) that have also closed.

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