Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did Jenny Jump?

This I don't know, but the state campground named after a girl who supposedly jumped to her death while running away from killer Indians, is one of the nicer spots in NJ. 13 of us spent the weekend honoring her with a camping trip and a lesson in patience as 5 of the 7 children repeated the phrase "Mom mom mom mom mom" for hours on end.

This was what I saw on my out of the city. He is reading a notebook, probably from his 12 step program.

We ate dinner at Davy's.

Ping pong while waiting for the bus to take us to the river for rafting.

And the highlight of rafting, tattooed men jumping off a very high railroad bridge. But they did more than jump. They shot potato guns and did wheelies on their motorcycles across the bridge.

Then games and dinner.

The finale was the multi-colored campfire, courtesy of Rainbow Fire which turns the fire into a psychedelic funhouse.

And this morning, a nice hike where, supposedly, or at least we told the kids, Jenny jumped.

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