Saturday, June 28, 2008

NY, Dallas, LA, NJ in 3 Days

It's been a busy week. I was in 4 states in 3 days and still feel a little dizzy from the ride. And, the furthest I ever got from an airport was Newark to East 12th Street.


Irving is right next to the Dallas airport. I don't think I actually saw anything, even out of the window of the taxi back and forth. The pulled pork I ordered for lunch was cold. The sushi I ordered for dinner was gross. The Hawthorne Suites had very low water pressure and the Fedex trucks that park next to the hotel make a lot of beeping noises. Also, Dallas was the only airport to look at my little bottles in my carry on with any depth.

Somewhere in the LA airport I lost my drivers license. We ate at Jerry's Deli in Marina del Rey for lunch, risking lives and limbs crossing a giant boulevard to get there. There are no pedestrians in LA. Bennett had matzoh ball soup, which was just weird. His father also has been drawing Archie for decades.
For dinner we ate ice cream. This is Elizabeth doing the ice cream happy dance because she ordered first and didn't know that they were out of the things we wanted: 1-coffee ice cream, 2-shake mix and, they wouldn't accept American Express.The bar we were going to go to in Marina del Rey closed at 10pm so we had drinks poolside at the Marina del Rey Hotel, which was described by a colleague as a pitcher who lost his fast ball. And, it's the only hotel in the LA area that I've ever been to (trust me I've seen many of them) that doesn't have old movie star photos lining the walls.

Highlight: we saw Paula Abdul coming out of the same building where we were working. She is so tiny she looks like a child. Unfortunately I was not brave enough to run after her to ask for a photo.

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SP said...

Next time I will show you some good times in Dallas! Sorry to have missed you this time around. We will be at West Point the weekend of October 10th ... maybe we will see you then!