Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bartering Candy for Bowling

Sadly, the two bowling alleys that I grew up with are now gone. Hollywood Lanes, which was underground on Queens Blvd. closed years ago, and Woodhaven Lanes closed just recently. So, we trekked to Whitestone Lanes where I haven't played since I was 10 years old. Ilene and I would go bowlingthere and after would eat at McDonald's, and get a burger, coke and fries for $1.00. Even then we knew that was a bargain.

The bowling alley was host to several birthday parties of very tiny children with very slo0oow bowling bowls, and one medium-aged man who had an incredible wrist-twisting throwing motion that sent the ball SPINNING down the lane very fast. However, half the lanes were closed and it was not what you would call crowded. I hope this one doesn't close too.

With the shoes, two games each came to over $55 and they don't accept credit cards. So we asked for one game each, at which point the counter man started to eye our Perugina chocolates, which my mother had just given us as a souvenir from her recent trip to Italy. We had brought them inside so they wouldn't melt in the car while we bowled. We struck a deal and they gave us each a free game and coupons for another 3 games next time we go there. A $42 value! And all he wanted was 6 chocolates. We tried to give him more, but he kept pushing them back at us.

I won the first round with the high score - a blazing 93. Max won the second round with his ground breaking 103.

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