Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mumsie's Bridge is Falling

Last week I received a photo of 2 moose in my mother-in-law's wet Montana driveway, tromping through her carrot beds. Another shot showed how high the river was, the beach totally gone. Then yesterday the bridge to their little island washed out while she was at a meeting. Father and son canoers were passing through and were tossed into the river while passing the island. They lost their boat but got out without injury. Beware, momma nature can act fast and swiftly. There are too many people in Iowa who are not this lucky so we are quite relieved that everybody is ok.

Happily, Eric was already planning his summer trip out there and will arrive tomorrow, what a relief.

Details here. In calmer times, the Yellowstone last March, the island is on the left.

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