Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What brings you here?

Until TV comes back in a real way I have so much free time in the evening to read other people's blogs, search for people I haven't seen in 30 years and basically waste away my life and avoid tiling under the tub.

However, I'm not alone. Ever since I used a photo of a Grolsch bottle to illustrate it's opening device I've been getting a bunch of hits from Germany and other weird places (one of them was Arabic). But the funnest part is to see what people Googled to find my blog. Since I don't have a theme (story of my life) I have written about a wide variety of inane topics, which attracts a wide variety of weird searches. Historically the most popular topics have been styrofoam peanuts and dangerous cosmetics.

These are the google searches that have made people visit me in recent days:

Robert Plant's Crotch
Beer Bottles
Clinique dangerous cosmetics
List dangerous cosmetics
Dangerous cosmetics list
Dangerous cosmetics
Sex on the balcony cruise
Led Zeppelin The Ride
Recent pics of Jimmy Page
Stella Lu
Rolls of papyrus
Adventure Collection, baja: touched by a whale, lindblad
How much people died during living in tenements
Grolsch pictures
The 1970's Four Corners
Recipe pear chips

and so on...

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