Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fun times

I am now addicted to the show Dexter but I don't want to sign up for another channel, it's too much. Last week I noticed they were offering the first season On Demand as a promo for Showtime, so we had marathon Dexter viewings and thus I got very little sleep. Since it was the first week of my new job, it was double whammy on the insomnia scale.

Transitions are hard. New jobs are hard. Smiling all the time, trying to remember all those names and faces, looking at how disorganized the server is of the new department (why can't they move out the files from 2001?). And add on top of that the resentment on whatever happened to the person who came before you. It's a little stressful. But being close to home, I am starting to feel reconnected with my life and with the city. The high speed chase of driving 72 miles a day is done and I feel like I've slammed on the brakes and my body is still moving forward.

Sometimes, after driving home at a high speed because it was late at night and traffic had died down, I would get out of my car breathless, as though I had just run a 36 mile marathon. Now, the bus ride takes about 30 minutes door to door including waiting for the late bus. I rode my bike once but I arrived at work with an earache because it was a little cool and my hair was still pretty damp. Then on the way home it never got really warm and I wasn't wearing sleeves so it was cold. And, as I rode by on my crazy bicycle, someone sang me the wicked witch of the west song. I laughed really hard and then thought maybe I should feel insulted. But I don't. (Yes Shana I need to take the video of me riding the bike, I will get to it one day all paths will collide between biking, camera and someone to shoot it.)

So my first weekend after my first week at my new job had to be relaxing. I washed my car because I'm trying to sell it:

Then we went to our new storage space and organized it a little more. It is looking good.

Then we sat in the back row of a play that we subscribed to. How disappointing to know that we have 2 more plays in the back row. It's a little blurry from back there. "Mauritius," starring F. Murray Abraham and other notable actors who I have seen on TV, was well written and acted. The ending might need some rethinking, but overall 2 hours of fun about stamp collecting, dysfunctional sisters and the art of the sale.

After, we walked around Times Square, which still has the capacity to amaze me as to how incredibly crowded it is on a Saturday night.

We wanted to get a drink or a dessert but everything had a 45-60 minute wait. We went into every place we walked by - including Hard Rock Cafe and the revolving restaurant in the Marriott Marquis but only were able to pose in front of the wall of guitars.

Heading east we tried Bryant Park Cafe (closes at 11pm), Bryant Park Grill (closed for private party) and finally the inspired idea of the gorgeous Campbell Apartment at Grand Central, complete with multi-cultural jazz band, which has the added benefit of being right at the train so when the giant $12 drink is finished, you don't have to stumble too far to get home.

Finally, after a nice afternoon stroll through Soho we found the most fabulous green legs. And discovered that if you want a conversation starter, carrying green legs through the streets generates a lot of interest.

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