Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sicko Hits Home

It is not at all surprising that 1 hour prior to my health insurance expiring, at 11:00pm on Sept 30, my son came down with a terrible asthmatic cough attack, where he couldn't breathe and was wheezing like crazy. It's now 2 1/2 days later with an uncovered doctor visit with no real diagnosis and a prescription for an inhaler that doesn't work, that I am completely understanding what it is like to not have insurance. I am weighing the decision to go to the emergency room against my son's health in terms of ROI. If I had insurance I would have gone today after his symptoms have not improved. Now, maybe that is wasteful and is part of the problem of cost overruns, but on the other hand, if the doctor did not properly diagnose him in the office (she said he has a viral cold, nothing we can do about it) then he might be getting sicker and sicker and we will have waited until it is too late. It is scary. And the coughing and wheezing are frightening sounds rattling out of that 86 pound body. Plus, he has now missed 2 days of school, going on a third tomorrow and there is no improvement in sight. What does one do?

On a lighter note, I had promised Shana a video of me riding my little bicycle. I have been trying to coordinate all the factors but it hasn't come together. Riding in NY is not like Texas where y 'all go out as a family for a little exercise and sun. Here, it is a form of transportation. You have to be going somewhere with a purpose. I suppose families ride together in Central Park, but that is far away and I'm sure my legs would give out well before we even reached the zoo.

But that is no longer the impediment to getting the video. Marc has decided (and I am thrilled) that he is going to paint my bike. I thought he would take it to the garden, dab some nice shiny and glittery spots on it and call it a day, maybe 2 days knowing how careful he is about these things. But alas, I came home tonight and found the bike completely dismantled. There is a habit around here of getting excited about a new project, and then they get tossed to the wayside, never to be seen again. And getting the bike put together again, that is about as likely as the paint job getting finished before we go to war with Iran.

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SP said...

Well, I will try to wait patiently then. I hope Max feels better soon.