Sunday, September 16, 2007

What do you think of first when you think of Williamsburg Virginia?

You might think two words: The Pottery. And you would be right if you were the reader of the local tourist information, because they do claim that these two words are the first to come to mind for visitors of their fair town.
Others might think of Colonial Williamsburg, the privately run 18th century "city" and shopping extravaganza that showcases revolutionary times.

Or you might think of Busch Gardens, a fun place to ride big and tall roller coasters while chugging Budweiser.

Or, vacation wonderlands always include mini golf, and you might think that TWO mini golf courses in one small town is magnificent.
You might also not believe it, but there is a Ripley's Believe it Or Not museum and 4D movie theater, so thinking of this attraction might be associated with Williamsburg as well.

But you would be wrong in all cases. What you should think of is pancakes. Because there is one pancake restaurant for every person who comes through Williamsburg. It is an awesome thing for each and every one of us to have our own, personal pancake house. It is a fine thing for humanity, not so fine if you are carb conscious.

Our visit to Williamsburg was going to center around roller coasters, not history. Instead, however, we spent a lot of time choosing which pancake restaurant we would eat at next. The choices were overwhelming, because if we didn't eat pancakes the only other things available were steak/seafood (combined, not separate) or Chilis/Applebees (separate not combined). But let me tell you this: Ihop still makes the fluffiest and most economical pancake in town. Don't be lured by the hominess of the Aunts and Uncles who are serving pancakes, they are frauds and their pancakes are chewy and overpriced. Go straight to Ihop and find out where the real revolution got started.

But always, always remember, no vacation weekend is complete without doing homework... even in always sunny Williamsburg, where the pancakes are calling your name.

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Larry Slade said...

4D movie theater? What's the deal with that? Time travel? I suppose you didn't go.
You guys have a lot of vacations.