Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bad Trip Part I

The first part of my untimely and anger-driven trip is done. It was only a few days but it feels like I've been gone for weeks.

First, Max's loft bed was completely redesigned in my absence, with the ladder moved several inches closer to the door to make more room under the bed for a small couch or large comfy chair. Yay. Now that I've critiqued it, he has to move it again, another 4 inches! Oh I'm so demanding.

It was the first time I've been to Sarasota and Fort Myers. I actually liked Sarasota more than I expected. A small town ("make a left at the glass building") but with a certain amount of good restaurants, bars and activities. And of course the circus. Clowns everywhere. Fort Myers Beach has some amazingly soft powder sand, a lot like Punta Cana. And La Playa hotel in Naples was pretty phenomenal. Their website does not do it justice. After dinner with my aunt we returned to the hotel and sat by a fire on the beach drinking tea. At least I got to sit on the beach.

Tomorrow I'm off to Tahiti. I heard it's raining every day.

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