Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nostalgia with Mark & Billy Syndrome

Two of my favorite artists, and also Rebecca in the middle who I don't know very well, circa '86 or so... getting nostalgtic on new year's eve looking at old photos.

Mark Ashwill (1954-2000), Rebecca Korbet, Billy Syndrome


Larry Slade said...

So how is Billy doing these days? I mean I heard he had a scary health crisis last year. Recovered?

Jill said...

Don't know... I hope he's ok.

Christopher Egan said...

Hey Jill, You inspired me to post some Marky photos on my site. Love Chris

Anonymous said...

hi jill (?)

i don't know who you are, but i remember the very day that photo of mark, bill & me was taken... so, who are you?

rb (rebecca)

ps - wow, was i chubby!
pps - i heard from bill in october, i think he is OK.