Sunday, June 18, 2006

T-Mobile Store a Shambles

I went to extend my T-Mobile contract and get new phones yesterday at an "authorized T-Mobile" store at 6 East 14th Street in Manhattan. I chose the phone I wanted, agreed to an inflated price, and was going to make sure all my phone numbers were copied to the SIM card when the manager grabbed the phone from me to offer to do it on my behalf. Then they switched the SIM to the new phone and VOILA all the phone numbers that had previously been stored on the SIM were gone. Deleted. In the past. Smooshed. Disappeared. Vanished. Kaput.

Now just put yourself in this situation for one moment. Close your eyes and imagine it. Imagine your reaction. If you know me, imagine my reaction. So after a potty-mouthed rampage the guy told me I should go to Bellevue because I am crazy. I said - do you realize that you just deleted all my phone numbers? And you are expecting me to be calm? He began to mock me and continue to say that I was nuts.

I put the SIM card back in my phone and left the store, and immediately called T-Mobile to complain while the man continued to yell at me from the doorway of his store. The customer service rep on the phone could hear him yelling at me from the phone.

Not that they did anything to compensate or assist me, but if anybody is considering this particular store in Manhattan, I hope you will avoid it. And possibly let them know that you avoided it!

Thanks for listening. Now I have to go recreate phone numbers, and sulk over the ones that I don't have written down anywhere.


dhskee said...

Coach, I think you need an official Concierge to do these things for you.

aceseth said...

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