Tuesday, October 11, 2011

City Weekend

Yay global warming for giving us such great weather. Sorry Texas that you have to suffer for our pleasure.

And speaking of global warming and its repercussions, I found out that our landlord hasn't repaired the ceiling of my downstairs neighbor which was destroyed during the hurricane over a month ago. (They haven't fixed the hallway ceilings either.) The landlord is trying to strong arm him into taking a buyout in lieu of getting it fixed. (Don't know how much he was offered but not enough that to jump at it immediately.) Next time I see him, he will get an earful of advice from me on housing rights.

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Goggla said...

I loved those Nick Cave costumes in Chelsea! So weird and whimsical.

Odessa only has a B grade? Oh, well, they get an A in my book. :)