Sunday, June 05, 2011

Swarming Bees

On Tuesday, a mailbox in Little Italy was swarmed with bees, while a day before, a swarm moved into the garden on 12th Street, as caught on video by Junior, who kindly overcame the technology issue of having a video on Facebook that you can't access unless you are on Facebook, and a large file size that can't be emailed. Old fashioned DVD delivered to my door, how quaint. (And thanks!)

Could it be the same swarm? They say it is common this time of year, but our swarm was on the tree for just 24 hours, and left the day the mailbox got hit.

Enjoy the swarm.


Larry Slade said...

That's pretty cool.

Goggla said...

Cool. I walked by the one on Grand St. I was surprised at how calm they were (relatively). They had absolutely no interest in people - just buzzing around themselves. I wonder where they ended up?