Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mood Board

It's been a last minute race for tax season, among other last minute races, but all is good since Chris sent us a mix tape that is pretty great. I say "next to" because he put Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind smack in the middle, like a alarm clock. This song came to my attention a while ago because of the parody video done by Rachel Dratch & Billy Eisner, which is hysterical if you ever lived in Forest Hills. Otherwise I'm not sure it makes any sense.

While trying to find the link for the above video, I found out there there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of video parodies of this song. Who knew? Now you do.

I've strayed from my main topic, tax season. I stood in line at the post office for an hour to pick up a package on Thursday morning. There were 4 people in front of me. One woman was getting a cake. Which made me think about cakes. In 2 weeks it's the royal wedding, and Harry (or is it William?) is having his own cake, a "chocolate biscuit cake" which is made not out of biscuits, but cookies, which are called biscuits over there. Specifically McVitie's. This cake is a mash up of cookies and chocolate, and then some more chocolate. Chilled into a cake shape. Yum.

But the real story here isn't the biscuit cake, it's the traditional wedding fruit cake that Kate has personally designed, and here it comes... by showing the baker her mood board. Intruiged? So was I. Read more here.

Oh and one more thng - it's surely the season to watch Schindler's List if you haven't already taken the plunge.

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