Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mars Bar

There has been a lot of moaning and groaning about the upcoming demise of local favorite haunt the Mars Bar. (note that the link to NY Magazine lists it as a "critics pick!")

However, one thing that nobody laments is the 2002 discontinuation of the Mars Bar, the candy, which was one of my favorites. My grandmother always kept one in her freezer for a snack. She would slice it with a knife and dole out little pieces of deliciousness. Then I would go out and buy my own, and eat it like a normal person, right there in the candy store.

Mars Bars are no longer available in the U.S., though they can still be found in the U.K. I saw one for sale recently in a West Village deli for $2.00, priced like an import. Remember when imported records were the thing to have, and they had that special sticker on the plastic? Now you can have an imported Excel file, which doesn't have the same cache.

Some websites claim that the Snickers Almond replaced the Mars Bar, which I have just found out and have yet to try. And to answer all those annoying people who keep saying to me, "isn't it the same as Milky Way?" the answer is "no it is not." Mars Bars had nuts, Milky Ways don't. I am morally opposed to candy without nuts.

This guy is pissed that they made their Australian Mars Bars smaller. Well, at least they didn't make them disappear completely, as they did here.


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