Friday, March 11, 2011

The Mars Bar Saga Continues

I feel weird caring about a Mars Bar candy while people are trapped on roofs in Japan, surrounded by the ocean, in the ring of fire. And are those helicopters flying over those houses picking up the people waving flags? They don't appear to be. I don't know how to reconcile my deep-seated monomania vs. major disaster in foreign lands.

I just am reporting that, just one day after considering the demise of the Mars Bar, and a few weeks of casually browsing the candy aisle looking for one, I wandered into a candy store on 14th Street and 8th Avenue and found an original Mars Bar. Since they've supposedly been discontinued since 2002 I can report that it didn't taste 9 years old, it was delicious.

I can find no reference on the Mars Bar website that they have reintroduced the candy into the US, in its original yellow package, and with almonds. In fact, their website has but two options: England or Scotland, and some mysterious reference to soccer, and all photos show the black packaging.

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Goggla said...

You could have put it on ebay!