Saturday, December 11, 2010

NYC Eats Its Young Jim Joe

Jim Joe wall turns into a dinosaur claiming NYC Eats Its Young.


HenriCervantes said...

jim joe is the new REVS

Anonymous said...

This is different but Jill do you have any idea what the loud rumbling noise coming from somewhere between your building and the one next door? People are hearing it in the back of the buildings. It's been going on for months, and it is a periodic rumble. Sounds like a big piece of machinery vibrating. I mostly hear it at night and in the early morning. I can't figure out exactly where it is coming from. I am thinking it must be from some piece of machinery on the roof of one of the neighboring buildings.

Jill said...

Hi-who is this anon?

I can't hear anything coming from our building, and I would hear it being on the top floor.

I've heard that there has been a lot of noise coming from behind the old Mundial where they have been using the backyard for working, but that was in the Fall and I don't think we'd hear that from our building.

The only other noise is the giant exhaust fan from Table 12 which is like living on an airport runway. Could that be it?

Anonymous said...

Jim Joe is nothing more than a name, that aint art. If thats art then every test I ever took has art work right after the phrase "name:" .....whoever put up the dinosaur and rosie the riveter made art