Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rays Delivery Team on Fox News Tonight

This just in from Bob Arihood: the Ray's delivery team will be on a John Stossel program on Fox News tonight (Saturday) at 9pm. So take a break from your beer pong game and turn on the TV.

The Fox News website describes the program:

Join John Stossel for a look at who we are as a country, what we believe and the freedoms that bring us together as one nation.

I would have thought it would be a frigid summer day before I would endorse anything on Fox, or anything by John Stossel, but if our kids are on TV, then all bets are off, so turn off the sound during the brainwashing sections, and when you see Avenue A, crank it up.


Larry Slade said...

So, how was it?
I don't have cable. Was Max on?

Jill said...

I recorded it because I was out seeing Dogtooth (really weird by the way), but have no idea how to get it off the DVR and onto any other format.

The show was about as simplistic and ridiculous as expected on "why we are so lucky to live in this beautiful land and need to stop complaining." The part on the kids was maybe one minute - about how individuals are so kind and helpful and we need more like them.

There was a short piece of Ray talking about his problem paying rent and how lucky he is to have friends that are helping him. This was in the context of being a Turkish immigrant and America is so great for letting him in where he could thrive and have friends to help him pay the rent.

Max wasn't on but there was film of Ari skateboarding and then she said "I'm willing to give up hanging out with my friends on a Saturday night because this is more important."

Ie you didn't miss much.