Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Just make note that it's the same temperature where normally you would take an aspirin and go to bed with a cold cloth on your forehead, and your mother might cook you some chicken soup, and you'd stay in bed watching cartoons.
A piece of advice: don't pay the extra money for Toy Story 3 in 3D, it wasn't worth it. Also, try not to be like me, who accidentally bought tickets to see it at Cinema City which is in Anaheim, rather than City Cinema, which is a couple blocks away. The ticket company in Colorado kindly returned my call to confirm my refund, on a Sunday, on a holiday. We should emulate and applaud retrievertickets.com for their outstanding customer service.

Normally I am jaded and underwhelmed by the annual fireworks, and since they have moved to the west side, simultaneous to the second weekend where there is no longer cross town bus service at night, I wasn't inclined to be happy to trudge to the west side, even for a nice roof with an ice machine and a radio run by a 20-something slacker with little musical taste beyond which music might get him laid.
But the fireworks were, in fact, pretty spectacular, and that's not the Jameson's talking. Happy new year!

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Larry Slade said...

I'm not interested in fireworks and these shows go on about 20 minutes long for me. But this year I had a snap FB invitation to a roof party on 25th and 10 Ave. Since it was the place of a guy I met on one of my student films last year (the one with the white wig and pink dress) and since the guy is the son of a movie actor I thought it would be worth it for the networking possibilities alone. Turned out to be a fun night. The host was glad to see me and greeted me warmly. I got there while the fireworks were in progress and met some interesting people who happened to know good friends of mine. I even had a couple of beers.

Toy Story 3. I refuse to go and cry over abandoned plastic junk.