Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goodbye Fabrics

I wish I knew how to sew, or had space for a sewing machine so I could learn to sew. Alas it was not to be, and now a stalwart fabric store is about to disappear into the oblivion. Even though I had no need for yards of fabric, I did go in occasionally for a spool of thread or a zipper or elastic banding for a halloween costume. My son had a black cape made from fabric from this store that served him well for several costumes.

My favorite garments have always been handmade. In 2nd grade I had a blue skirt my mother made, it had a great flare, I loved spinning around in it as the skirt draped around me, until I was dizzy. It was heartbreaking when it got too small. I still miss that skirt.

Later, I had a paisley skirt that my friend's mother made for her that she didn't like, but I treasured. I wore it until it had holes in it, and even had my mother replace the elastic in the waist once. It was my most reliable travel skirt for at least 20 years until finally I had to admit that it was unwearable.

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