Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goodbye deli

Grieve and others did a great job posting photos all day about the big fire on the corner of 14th & Ave A. I was pacing around my desk all day because today of all days I was blocked from viewing photos on blogger and couldn't see what was happening, only the tweets and the words accompanying the photos. Finally someone twittered a photo, but the pacing continued. Luckily I had just received new shoes that I needed to make sure didn't give me blisters. They don't.

I just went by the corner at around 11pm after coming home from a play, and it looks like Stuyvesant deli, Pete's a Place, the tax place and the hair dresser, plus an empty store, have all been very damaged. The new Rainbow appears to be ok (I think, it was hard to tell with all the gates down). I can't remember a time when the gates were down on that corner - those Yemenis ran a serious 24 hour business for the past 1,000 years.

I hope they rebuild, as the deli was our primary source for Farmland milk, Ben & Jerrys and emergency bread, but what are the chances of that? I would wager that the first thing to open on the corner will be a bar.

Speaking of bars, now is the time to go to Blarney Cove, who survived the fire and also, weirdly, have a twitter account.

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EV Grieve said...

I really do hope they all come back... these were four businesses that actually served the community... Of course, I do fear the worse for this corner.