Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spilt Squash

I love those little green kombucha squashes. They are tasty and delicious, and possibly even good for you. They cook quickly and have a rich, orange meaty squashy inside. Tonight, I bought 3 of these little lovlies and stuffed them with a tofu pecan mushroom mixture.

Then disaster struck.

First, I made an orange ginger sauce to pour over the squash, once they were cooked. But the husband, in his rush to use up everything within sight, decided to pour the sauce on top of my lovely squashes before he put them into the oven to bake. Bye bye sauce, hello melding with the other flavors into a blob of yuckiness.

Ok, so that was annoying.

Next, he decided to cook the squash seeds. The toaster oven wasn't working out that well, not enough space, so he transferred them to a cookie sheet, the kind that has no sides.

I warned him, "That is going to be difficult because you can't turn the seeds easily without sides, they will slide off."

He responded, "Well then I'll put tin foil on the pan and roll up the sides so they don't slide off."

I scowled at him and said, "They will stick to the tin foil and it will be an impossible task. Why don't you get the pan that has sides?" But did he listen to me? Of course not. What he said was, "It's too hard to get to." I said, "You mean you have to bend down and pull it out?" He said, "Well, there are some wire trays in it, and then I would have to take them out too." I stopped arguing because what I really wanted to do was slap him in the head.

Fast forward 20 minutes. As he struggled to get the sticky, slightly burnt seeds out of the crinkles of tin foil, on a pan with no sides, he was working right next to the finished, slightly ruined, but still edible squashes. And then, he accidentally pushed the pan with the stuffed squashes right onto the floor, splattering all over my feet, into the many many nooks and crannies of my hundred year old very fucked up floor, ruining dinner.

Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud! Aren't men wonderful?

Anonymous said...

saw a distressingly large proportion of this coming...

Jill said...

Anybody could have seen it, but him!