Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Explorers Club

The Explorers Club is one phenomenal building, on East 70th Street, a beautiful structure (currently under construction) filled with incredible objects and photos. The elevator alone is worth a visit - all wood, 100 years old, feels like you are in a tiny cabin. Plus, if you flip the switch next to the polar bear, it growls really loud.

If you haven't read Endurance, the story of Shackleton, well then you haven't read the most incredible adventure/survival story ever written.


Jeremiah Moss said...

i love that place. someone, a member, once told me they've got a whale penis in a members-only room upstairs. little double entendre there--"members" only.

thanks for the great pics.

Jill said...

Oh I'll bet I saw it and didn't know it was a whale penis! Most of those photos were from the "members only" rooms upstairs, which we snuck into via the gorgeous elevator.