Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Six Guitars in a Bank Vault

What a treat to hear Geoff Gersh's composition "Memory in Night" performed by six electric guitars played with files in an empty bank vault on Wall Street. He resisted using any sort of tune, and instead created a"wall of sound" effect that had dramatic impact as the sounds got louder and quieter, as various guitars played their parts and stopped, moving up and down the frets in unison and harmony. It was simply beautiful.

I scouted the vault to see if one could rob it by crawling through the vents, but the vent boxes were way too small for a normal human, even one as petite as myself.

As one friend said, "at least they're using the space for something good now that all the money is gone." The vault doors were still in their place, huge electronic things that can't be moved unless the floor is lowered to release them. According to a sign, nobody knows where the key is to do that, so, at least for now, the doors stay open.

I thought the little parking spaces where money (or gold? or whatever) used to sit seemed sad.

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