Friday, November 20, 2009

3-D Realer Than Real

Henry Jones, proprietor of Avenue A's SnakeMonkey, showed some of his and Marc Friedlander's 3D work at Ciao for Now last night. Aside from the very cool images, the dip and cookies were delicious.

I asked Henry how they made the images and the secret was in the creation of the plastic molds that make the images look 3D. He spent a long time describing the process in great detail and WHOOOSH it went right over my head.

Their promo email described it this way:

  • 3D fly's eye and lenticular photography by M. Henry Jones and Marc Friedlander
  • Jones's full color fly's eye technique creates an eerily life-like record of his subjects.
  • Friedlander's lenticular work is informed by traditional photojournalism, and experimental film and animation.
  • M. Henry and Marc have been well known around the city, for their cutting edge experiments in imaging since the 1980's.

Not surprisingly, it is impossible to photograph a 3D picture. See them for yourself at Ciao for Now, but I don't know for how long.

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