Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stop Complaining

Today I was listening to Slate's Double X Factor podcast and they were talking about attempting to stop complaining. The point was made that there is a very fine line between complaining and explaining. I've been thinking about this a lot today, because I really do complain too much, and decided to give it a swing. Therefore, I cannot relate to you the altercation that I had at the post office today, because there is no way I can write that without complaining about what dickheads they are who work at the post office. And calling them dickheads is not a complaint, it is an accurate description. You see the fine line at work, right here.


Anonymous said...

The post office is open on Sunday?
I think Cooper Union is the only Post Office that is efficient in the village.
And one great worker at the Stuy office on 14th.
Best bet is to use the machine, doing it yourself is always best!
(you should have gone to the Fall celebration behind the Jefferson Market Library-the people from that garden were perhaps the most delightful villagers I have met, ever. I could feel the ghost of Jane Jacobs watching over us! That would erase any complaints from your mind- at least for today.)

Goggla said...

Ah, the post need to explain!

Jill said...

This happened on Saturday. I wrote it late at night Saturday after midnight so it appears as a Sunday posting.

Anonymous said...

Hope the yellow leaves erased your post office nightmare!

Jill said...

What erased my post office nightmare was finding out that my package arrived safely at its destination and that horrible woman didn't throw it in the garbage, which was my main fear. But the yellow leaves sure were fantastic.