Friday, October 09, 2009

Oktoberfest Tomorrow

El Sol Briliante Garden on E12th between A&B will be hosting their annual Oktoberfest fundraiser tomorrow, Sat 10/10. I hear that the flea will begin around 10am (though honestly, that sounds very early to be getting up to haul your stuff down the stairs). This neighborhood boasts some of the sharpest hoarders in town, so there should be some key finds -- get there early before somebody else grabs the good stuff. There will be grilled foods and salads and goodies to buy. I imagine, though don't know for sure, that at some point in the day there will be live music. Which is then accompanied by Oktoberfest style dancing. Perhaps the frat boys from across the street will show up and show off their Greek ways. If you thought the only way to celebrate Oktoberfest was in a bar, you should think again, and celebrate in a garden instead.

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