Monday, June 22, 2009

Fairway Parking

This past Sunday we zipped to Fairway in Red Hook for a shopping extravaganza. On arrival, the parking lot was packed and the only way to get a spot was to stalk someone getting into their car and wait while they unpacked. I found someone pretty quickly, and with my blinker on, stopped just a few feet away from a woman loading a trunk full of groceries.

After she finished piling about a thousand boxes of something into the bag of her van, she very purposefully moved her shopping cart to a spot that was exactly between my car and her spot. As I sat there, furious, wondering if I should get out now and yell at her, or wait until she cleared the spot, I watched with delight as the cart slowly rolled backward, directly behind her van, where she would never see it until it was too late.

Under normal circumstances I would run out and warn the driver about the impending impact, but in this case, revenge was looking pretty sweet. Imagine my surprise when she hit the cart with the rear of her car, AND KEPT ON DRIVING. Even though she felt the impact, she just pushed the cart, until it bounced off her bumper, and then bounced back into the side of her minivan, scraping its way along the passenger side. I was pretty happy about this turn of events, even though the cart ended up in my way and I had to get out and move it.

As I moved the cart, the woman looked out of her window at me, shrugged her shoulders, and SMILED. Even with revenge witnessed and complete, I still wanted to smack her across the face.

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