Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Old Newspapers 1880-1910 courtesy Libarary of Congress

So John Dickerson twittered about this website that you can search all these newspapers at once. It is really amazing. Here are some tidbits that I found:

St. Paul Daily Globe (Saint Paul, Minn) Dec 16, 1889

The Thumb Ring in New York
It has taken a long time for the thumb ring to make any headway in New York, but it is very slowly gaining ground. Mr. Dixey was the first man to wear a ring upon his thumb, and he has clung to it tenaciously for two years.

NY Tribune, Feb 17, 1906
Try To Wreck Train
Two attempts were made last night to wreck an eastbound Pennsylvania passenger train at Tiffin. Both failed through mere chance and lack of knowledge of the train schedules. About a mile east of the village a cross tie was wedged into a frog.

NY Tribune, June 17, 1909
Three Alleged Burglars Taken
Three men were arrested yesterday at 16th Street and 1st Avenue by Headquarters detectives, the police charging that goods valued at more than $1,000 were found in their possession.... Salvatore Pazza of No. 209 East 12th Street, Angelo Leprinc of No. 432 East 12th Street and John Lopresti of No. 399 East 12th Street... their pictures were already in the Rogues Gallery

NY Tribune, June 30, 1908
This is pretty much an entire page of suicides, murder, death, mayhem and a musician's hands were blown off.


Cooking Asparagus
Dieticians say that asparagus contains much nutriment, is very digestible and easily assimilated, even by invalids, though it is not good for persons with a gouty tendency.

And so on. Search for yourself. It's a hoot.

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