Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More... I can't resist

Christadora House is 5 Years Old and Avenue B residents had been suspicious of it. It has a debt of $6,000 in 1902, down from $12,000 in just 5 years.

Settlement Houses challenge each other in track and field, including Christadora House, Hartley House, Maxwell House and more, in 1905.

Amazing hats from Salt Lake City, in 1898

A flock of passenger pigeons, which were almost extinct for 20 years, are reported seen in Falls City (Nebraska?) in 1897.

What did they think of the upcoming Brooklyn Bridge in 1880? They predicted nobody would use it.

Widow with 2 children commits suicide by jumping off the roof of 145 1st Ave. (9th Street)

The finest subway in the world opens October 1904

Dr. Otterbourg Specialty Private Diseases of Men including seminal weakness, gleet, hydrocele and more. No mercury used.

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