Sunday, February 15, 2009

Romance in Grand Central

I believe that everyone should eat at the Grand Central Oyster Bar at least once. It's such a funny place offering a laundry list of fresh and delicious oysters, traditionally cooked and overpriced seafood main courses,vaulted ceilings, and several dining areas/bars with a cafeteria ambiance.

The husband had never been, so we trekked up there for Valentines Day, dressed in our finest duds. According to menupages, they have a reputation of taking the reservation, but not keeping it, so if you go, remember to reconfirm. In this economy it was not nearly as crowded as past experiences, and we probably didn't even need reservations, but indeed they had no record of us when we called Saturday morning to check. As people who normally don't go to the kind of restaurant that takes reservations, Valentines Day is the one day a year where we live large and it sucks to be left out in the cold while all the lovebirds are cozy, drinking champagne with their arms entwined.

The waiter described all the oysters and explained how they vary by region (east coast oysters get more briny the further north you go; west coast oysters are buttery; frankly I never met an oyster I didn't like). After a meal of a dozen oysters,black cod, lemon sole, several drinks and a brownie with cinnamon ice cream (the husband really ate both meals, I nibbled, except for the oysters which my secret desire was to block him from getting any), we took the elevator up to the Campbell Apartment for an aperitif and live jazz. That giant, gorgous, restored room is worth every penny because at no other time would I ever pay $13 for a gin and tonic. I find it absolutely heavenly.

But really, the best part, the body part shaped furniture in the bathroom of the restaurant. Totally awesome.


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Chris! I do not have your email address. How can I reach you? Can you email me, or Janice??? I don't see you on Facebook either. I want to send you something.

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Hey Jill, I hate facebook email me at from your personal account and i will email you back from my personal address