Monday, February 02, 2009

Monologue Mania

Steve invited me to see him perform a 4 minute monologue at a monthly monologue madness and mayhem thing. However, the invitation, sent on Saturday, said that it would be "tomorrow, Monday Feb 1." Well, two out of three of those things indicate Sunday. Due to my confusion over how to properly use Facebook (otherwise known as Facebook Sucks because it confuses old people like me), he didn't get my message asking for clarification, and I was sure I had missed it.

But then, all the Facebook status updates today seemed pretty clear that Steve was pondering his monologue, ignoring his friends, and generally building up to something. No ukulele playing for Steve today, it was all pondering and preparing. Then, finally, confirmation that I hadn't missed it. I dragged two colleagues over to Cornelia Street, we had bad wine, a small plate of food, and two hours of really terrific monologues. It was wonderful. The fun repeats every first Monday of the month - highly recommended.


tipsmcc said...

Dear Jill - Thanks for coming out to see us. FYI it's Monologues and Madness and you can always upgrade on the mediocre wine you get in exchange for the $7 cover. Try that the next time and you might find a drink worth of the monologues.

Tulis McCall
M&M Host

Kate said...

Hi Jill,
Tulis' Monologues & Madness is the original monologue cabaret, happening monthly at Cornelia Street and you're right - the monologues are fabulous! There's aslo a bi-monthly "daughter of M&M" in New Jersey, called Monologue Mania ... .. with Tulis' blessing, we launched it last summer for all the NJ folks who have a hard time getting into the city for a 6pm show. Hope you and your friends will support both events! - Kate