Monday, February 02, 2009

Small World

Tonight I called to cancel my car insurance. After press 1 press 2 press 500 buttons I finally got to a human who gave her full name and how can she help me.

ROCIO? I said, practically screaming. I know you! And sure enough, it was Rocio. We were colleagues at my last job, and in fact I took over her position after she left to care for her new and extremely cute and big-eyed adopted baby boy. She gave me a ton of advice, showed me all her files, and was truly missed, as she was one of the sane few in that department. I was the recipient of her emails after she was gone, but I never got a forwarding address to send anything personal; she kind of disappeared. She was on a Guatemalan baby adoption email network that I couldn't figure out how to cancel, so I got that reliably for the next year, until I left the company. I'll bet whoever got my emails next is still on that list. (Lisa are you reading this, were you getting my emails?)

She rushed off the phone, because it seems that the rule is no chatting, and no talking to anybody you know. I don't know of any other way to contact her. What a small, small world it is.

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hntrnyc said...

That is truly funny and amazing. Whenever I reach customer service I always ask where I have reached them at and chat them up. Once while calling Chase, I actually spoke with the rep long enough that she tried setting up a date when she would be visiting NYC. All was going well until she told me that she was coming into town with her parents.......And then I started thinking about her access to all my personal info.....we never met up.