Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lamppost on Fire

What excitement! As I was sitting here typing about Nellie Bly and the murdered woman of Second Ave. my son jumped up and said, "What was that??" as though something loud and explosive had happened. I heard nothing, even though I was sitting 2 feet away from him. Am I deaf, old, engrossed, or all three?

He ran to the window, and sure enough, a lamppost was on fire. Being on the top floor, we have an aerial view and saw flames shooting up from the head of the lamp. They quickly went out, maybe because of the rain, but it was still smoking. Imagining fire coursing through the wires, setting somebody on fire, I called 911 and Rescue Me arrived within a few minutes. I couldn't hear them calling their money "cabbage" or each other "asshole" which was disappointing. They fiddled around, did something or other, and then left. No more smoke.

On that note, my favorite sex scene, ever. Thank you Gina Gershon.

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Angela said...

I love Rescue Me. One of my favorite shows and the tuning fork comment is priceless.