Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The American Museum of Natural History

After protests of "You are so lame" and "Why would you want to spend the day with my class," yesterday, I was one of 8 chaperones of nearly 100 10th graders to the American Museum of Natural History. To say that the trip was disorganized would be an understatement. While I realize that it is impossible to corral 15 year olds into 8 distinct groups and keep them there, there was no oversight of them after the moment we stepped on the C train platform. Whether all the kids stayed through the day is impossible to know. Even the ticket takers at the Rose Planetarium didn't bother collecting the tickets.

If you haven't been to the Planetarium recently, it is unjustifiable. The show is fantastic. While it may not rival the LaserRock's Dark Side of the Moon show of my youth, it was a great overview of how the solar system, galaxies etc were formed. And, they've added shaking to the seats, a la DisneyWorld, so you can FEEL the impact. Really fun.

At the end of the day I was told I didn't embarass Max, which was as big a compliment as I was going to get.

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Alex in NYC said...

Oh I so miss "Laserrock" (or "Laserlumia" or whatever they officially called it) at the old Planetariun. Floyd, Zep, Rush, "Heavy Lazer" and then they did an "alternative" night in the late 80s with The Cars, Julian Cope, Echo & the Bunnymen and Joe Jackson. Still, it was ALL about Laser Floyd.