Saturday, January 03, 2009

Up High, High Up

I suspect that Diane and Tom asked us to join them on a helicopter ride so that I would mention her here. It worked.

We were invited to partake in the week-long celebration of Tom's birthday, a number too large to mention in public, by riding in a helicopter over Manhattan for 30 glorious minutes. I have been in a helicopter once before, and so had Tom, but the rest hadn't. In addition to my family, we had a sixth in the form of a delightful 7 year old girl, Callie, who was very brave and not scared, dolled up in Hannah Montana finery, until she puked on her Hannah Montana cap and our shoes . Up until that very second Diane had completely forgotten about the downside of motherhood, with her son grown and gone, and thus without a puking incident that he couldn't manage himself in any recent memory.

Here's wishing Tom a Happy Birthday and New Year on the same day, which happens for him every year, but for us just this once. And a heartfelt thank you for including us in this adventure, and may we share in more touristy experiences in the future.

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