Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Years

The new year is off to a very good start because the first day of it, I met someone I admire, and he turns out to be nothing as I imagined.

Some months ago, I read about a new blog with writing by Drew Hubner (also known as Andrew Huebner). I have been following it since, which isn't hard because he doesn't post that frequently, but when he does it is well worth the 10 minutes to read his latest work. His writing on this particular site is evocative of a very specific time and place that draws the reader into his world very quickly.

Based solely on these few pieces of writing, I imagined him as a skinny old geezer, chain smoking cigarettes, wearing biker clothes and bad teeth. In fact, he is the smart guy next door, funny and personable, maybe a little professorial. He was wearing a sweater vest for god sake. He came to a party where he didn't know anybody but the hostess, and by the end I suspect he knew everybody, or at least their name. Plus, he admired my red shoes, which also indicates taste and style.

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EV Grieve said...

Hi Jill,

Happpy (belated) 2009...I, too, really like East of Bowery. I also had some perceptions of him from reading his work...I was wrong as well!